Every day is a challenge in the health sector. Safety, security, hygiene and convenience are uppermost considerations for management, staff, patients and visitors alike. With hospitals open 24/7, it’s not an easy task keeping everything running smoothly, within standards, and with expected outcomes.

So many areas in a hospital can benefit from automated entrance solutions…be it Accident and Emergency (A&E), the main entrance, medical wards, corridor doors and doors to sensitive areas, operating theatres, canteens, kitchens…

The benefits are manifold: access-control, security, convenience, heat retention, noise reduction, hygienic, no cross contamination, wheelchair access, and less wear and tear on doors when they open automatically thus reducing general maintenance costs.

We work as independent suppliers and maintainers to hospitals and also work in conjunction with builders and glazing companies in some first-fit instances.

We’ll gladly provide the service that your hospital requires.

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