Nursing Homes

Safety, security, hygiene and ease of access are prime areas of concern in a nursing home environment. While dealing mainly with the elderly and infirm, nursing homes are oftentimes a new permanent home environment for those no longer able to cater for themselves, but who are nevertheless mobile. Why restrict their movement? Why make it more difficult for them to move from one area to another?

Automated doors can address many salient issues relating to nursing home care. They enable those with mobility disabilities to move with ease between locations, they assist medical and nursing staff, they adhere to hygiene standards and requirements, and they assist in preventing accidents. They help retain heat and reduce noise.

Life should be made easier, not more difficult, as we age. Automated access eases minds, in every way.

We’re sensitive to the needs of the care sector and would be happy to provide a consultation on issues that may concern you.

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