A university campus is a busy place. It’s a mix of learning, working and living. Lecture rooms, auditoria, sports facilities, canteens, restaurants, libraries, medical centres, physio rooms, student residences, and much more besides. Each area caters for a lot of people on the move, constantly, opening and closing doors at a pace, and encumbered with books, bags and equipment.

Think of the benefits of automated entrances in such an environment. Less noise, ease of movement, less delay, hygienic, practical, controlled access… less risk of accidents through rushing through closed doors!

Young people are in a hurry. Why slow them down? Lecturers need time to think. Don’t let a closed door impair their thoughts. Office staff need peace and quiet. Leave the bustle of the corridors on the corridors.

Let doors open as they are needed, for as long as they are needed, in as convenient a way as possible.

Swing or slide? We can help you decide.

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