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Automatic sliding doors are essential in areas where easy access is required. Often described as sensor doors or entrances fitted with an automatic door opener, the type of door is dependent on a number of factors – space, usage, and footfall. Security, convenience, health and safety also need to be taken into consideration when deciding which automatic sliding doors best suit your premises

DSL Automation can advise and assist you in making that decision. We manufacture and install all types of sensor doors. We also repair and maintain automatic sliding doors fitted with an automatic door opener.

We supply Sensor Doors

Sensor doors are convenient, practical and safe. They are also hygienic and help conserve energy.

When installing automatic sliding doors or replacing a static door with an automatic door opener, the solution will be determined by the space available and the use of the door: whether it’s an internal or external door; what part of the business it serves; the levels of usage; and any standards’ requirement in your business sector.

Automatc Sliding Doors

Controlling access is not the only benefit accruing to automatic sliding doors, they encourage access, are stylish, and add prestige to a business premises.

DSL Automation clients include businesses where we have supplied and fitted automatic sliding doors, architects and builders, and glazing companies. If you would like to talk to any of them about our capability in the sensor doors sector, we’ll be happy to refer you to them for their unbiased observations.


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