A breakdown of any part of an automated door mechanism is an unwanted business interruption. That’s why we encourage our clients to adhere to regular maintenance checks so that part or control weaknesses can be spotted and replaced as part of a maintenance check. When a sudden malfunction occurs, the consequences can be disruptive to the business, cause panic among users, and take time to repair, if parts are unavailable.

Our engineers are on call 24-7 to offer a fast turnaround repair service for all brands of automated entrances. We will regard your emergency as our problem and seek to keep the interruption time to a minimum.

Whether you are a commercial operation or a public services building, you need to ensure that every aspect of your business runs as smoothly as possible, and that includes the access and egress doors.

While we advocate regular maintenance, we understand that perfection is not the norm and that’s why we are always on call to take your repair call.

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